2nd Chance Centers

In Custody

Our Heroes 2nd Chance Father in custody programs work with juveniles, jails and prisons to offer criminal justice involved men the rehabilitative support they need to overcome the trauma and post traumatic stress caused by the lingering effects of fatherlessness. Fatherlessness rates have been as high as 90% in some of our in custody populations. The Heroes Faith & Fatherhood curriculum is a full 12-36 month program that is grounded in biblical teachings. The program targets criminal justice impacted fathers, uncles and grandfathers who are dedicated to becoming stronger father figures and heads of households as commanded by scripture. The Heroes Faith and Fatherhood evidence based curriculum combines principles of self governance, productivity, management, service and leadership with proven active parenting, etiquette, life skills, substance and mental health programs and GED preparation classes and vocational certificates to help fathers grow into dependable pillars in their families. This program will also offer critical business vocabulary and financial literacy that will help prepare Fathers to enter their individual career fields. Within each area, students will complete daily journals to reflect on the impact of the classroom materials and group breakout discussions.

Post Release

Once one of our in-custody participants gets released, the work continues. Our Heroes 2nd Chance Fatherhood Program has secured major corporate and nonprofit partnerships which will offer our graduates an opportunity for support services and case management as they pursue a career post release. Each program participant will be assigned a direct log in for the Heroes 2nd Chance Fatherhood Initiative online dashboard that will give them access to thousands of employers, career development support, Heroes Fatherhood Initiative curriculum, housing options, mental health and substance abuse treatment options, our community service volunteer center, our prayer line and our 24 hour emergency chat support. Our program is designed to break up the generational curse of recidivism.


Our Residential Center offers our Heroes 2nd Chance Fatherhood case managers and our program participants a full time Christian living environment that is built around our faith based programming. Residents participate in daily prayer calls, household tasks, weekly Bible study and weekly group community service projects. The majority of our house managers and case coordinators are criminal justice impacted fathers who have been trained and hired through our program. Our case management system a custom built platform tailored to meet the needs of criminal justice impacted fathers.