Sports for Development

Heroes Sports Academy

Our Heroes Sports Academy uses the power of faith, sports and music as a vehicle to teach discipline, character, wellness and teamwork to those in prison, juvenile, as well as at risk and developing children of all ages. As American culture deals with the crippling spiritual effects of a fatherless generation, we are working to use sports as a vehicle to preach the gospel.

Our championship winning sports and music programs include our traveling Youth Choir, Flag Football, Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, and Boxing.  These faith based sports programs include regular competitive games inside the prisons, as well as our youth sports teams that compete across the nation. The Heroes sports programs are uniquely structured and provide the opportunity for youth who are often saturated by a godless culture, to be mentored by godly father figures who range from volunteer dads to returning citizens whose experiences can pour wisdom into misguided youth. Hero Workouts take place for both adult and juvenile populations, educating participants on the importance of nutrition and wellness. Nutritional programs and classes are also available through our 2nd Chance Fatherhood and our Serving Institute curriculum. 

The goal of our Heroes Sports Academy is to give all demographics of young men the opportunity to be trained as servant fathers, resulting in a spiritual opportunity to grow for both the adults and the youth. Our program prepares men to mentor youth, while giving fatherless kids the chance to embrace and learn from strong father figures that they otherwise may have never had. We actively engage athletes, community leaders, nonprofits and influencers to participate as guests speakers and participants in our group activities. This helps build a support system and mentorship environment for men transitioning back to society.